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Why does Mozilla Thunderbird think my email is a SCAM?

Why does Mozilla Thunderbird thinks my email is a SCAM?

Thunderbird has a built in Scam Detection engine that looks for certain things inside the HTML of an email and determines whether or not the email is legit.

Thunderbird looks at the following:

  • Links that only use an IP address, including dotted decimal, octal, hex, dword, or some mixed encoding.
  • Links that claim to go to one site, but actually go to another. (Phishers do this to fool you into going to their site. Legit mailing lists sometimes do this with redirectors for tracking purposes.)
  • Forms embedded in the email.

So if in your email you have text such as that links to then this will create issues because when the email is sent Maxmail processes the links through it's stats engine (which requires the links to carry additional parameters that you may not have specified in your link) and hence changes the structure of the link.

So how to get around this?

In the above example, instead of the text linking to being called change it to something descriptive like Visit the Google Website.

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