Dodging the Spam Filters

March 12, 2013

As an email marketer, dodging the spam filters is critical for your survival. Whatever practices you’re using in your marketing efforts, you need to make certain that you don’t end up being viewed as spam to too many individuals, which can quickly ruin your mass email campaigns. Your reputation is very important as a marketer, and if too many people are listing your messages as spam, then that reflects onto your campaigns and will negatively impact your messages even getting to your target’s inbox.

SO we’re going to go over a few methods of dodging the spam filters and so your bulk emails will get through to your subscribers.

Double Opt-In

Do you ever receive emails that you didn’t ask to receive? If you have, you know it isn’t fun at all, and you usually end up quickly reporting it as “spam”. This is the risk you run if you don’t take advantage of the double opt-in feature that most bulk email senders provide.

If you send out an email autoresponder message to inboxes that haven’t subscribed to you, then you’re almost guaranteed to get flagged as spam. You might think it’s no big deal, but the fact of the matter is that the more spam complaints you get, the more likely your messages are going to go straight to the spam folders for every inbox you’re sending to. No readers means no income, so double opt-in to avoid this problem.

Keep Content Relevant

Assuming you’ve gone the correct route in allowing people to choose to subscribe to your list, then your next step is to provide them with relevant content. If your list is all about dog training, then you shouldn’t be sending offers or information on how to groom horses. Keeping content relevant is very important, because that’s why people signed up with your list in the first place. Keep this in mind when your autoresponder email sequences are going out.

Let Them Unsubscribe if They Choose

It’s very annoying to receive emails that are not only spam, but with no way to unsubscribe from them. This is the true mark of a spammer, and it screams desperation. It’s like trying to lock you in a room and sell you something, but the fact is that all a reader needs to do is report the message as spam and the campaign is negatively impacted. Spammers always lose out in the end, and to avoid being viewed as one you need to provide a way to unsubscribe for your readers if they so choose. Even if they never use it, there’s a peace of mind of knowing that they can do so if they feel like it.


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