Tips for a Stellar Welcome Email

July 01, 2016
Tips for a Stellar Welcome Email

How do you start a good email relationship?

Let’s say you’ve set up a very good method of bringing in new subscribers to your email content; you have a subscriber form prominently featured in your website, quick forms to fill in along with the bill at your outlet and so on. Let’s say some customers and potential ones are all too eager to respond. That means they’ve responded to you and in fact become the ones to start the relationship.

What next?

It’s your welcome email that really seals the deal for you. Every so often, people do go out on first dates and never on a second after all. If you want to create one of those stellar welcome emails that will take the brand-consumer relationship into a whole new dimension, take a note of these fundamentals to get you started:

  1. Send it off immediately!

Don’t wait days to send off the first email in the first place. Set up a system that makes your bulk email provider send off an automated welcome message immediately. We recommend sending it off within a day at most.

  1. Give them good reasons

This is your first opportunity to let them know why they should be continuing to receive your content periodically. Are you giving them brand or product information they won’t be able to find anywhere else? Can you create a sense of privilege by offering exclusive benefits to your email subscribers only? Can you give them an immediate discount? Some brands even go on to create an email membership that further reinforces a sense of exclusivity for your subscriber.

  1. Get more details

A good email or in fact any good form of communication comes with a call to action. There is no point telling an audience something without wanting them to react or respond. Ideally the starting response you require should be a little more information about them so that your future emails can be more targeted and focused specifically to their needs with reference to your brand.

  1. Be Brief

Don’t go on for paragraphs and pages. You want them to read everything you have to say so learn to do it as briefly as possible. Make a list of specific points you want to convey and ensure you say it soon.

  1. Be Friendly
You want your subscribers to like you so you need to be conversational and not sound very official. Make them relate to you and feel as though it’s a two way chat that you are waiting on them to respond to. This is how you keep the dialogue going.

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