Your Content is Boring

December 19, 2012

More than a decade and a half back, then Microsoft CEO Bill Gates said “Content is King”.

That sentiment still holds true, but with a glut of re-hashed, re-heated and just plain boring content out there, the focus is now switching to ways to actually engage with audiences, how to hold their attention and how to create content that actually gets read.

So how do you apply this to your next mass email marketing campaign?

Like this:

Building a customer database

Building a comprehensive customer database is the first thing you need to do when getting started with your bulk email marketing. But while making that database, try to purse methods that are as ‘organic’ as possible. This means actually finding individuals who are interested in your offerings. You can do this via a pay-per-click ad and a landing page; an instore sign-up in a bricks and mortar store, or through social media. Believe it or not, selecting your audience carefully is the first step to creating engaging content.

Add a ‘featured client’ column on your website

Choose a client or customer who purchased one or more of your offering in the past, and add a short write-up about them on your website. It is likely to come as a pleasant surprise for that client, eventually helping him, as well as other customers, gain a sense of goodwill towards you and your business.

Encourage customer engagement and interaction

Whenever you are sending bulk emails, make sure that the content is appealing to users and suitable enough to provoke a response. This means sharp, well-written copy, but it also means provoking a reaction. The more ‘interactive’ your content is the better. So ask for feedback and when you get it, act on it.

Survey your recipients periodically

Remember that the consumer is doing you a favour by taking the time to answer your questions, so always ensure that the number of questions are small and to the point. Ask them only what you need to and don’t push for extra data if you don’t need it. People enjoy being asked about their likes and dislikes. Do that in a smart way, and you’re half way there.


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