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Dynamic Content Blocks

What are dynamic content blocks?

Dynamic content blocks are used to dynamically insert HTML content blocks inside an email campaign based on certain criterion.

Here's how it works:

Imagine you have a list with a field called "Favourite fruit" with Orange and Mango as possible values.

Every time you get a new subscriber, for each person that says their favourite fruit is "Mango" you'd like to send them a discount voucher to purchase 5 kilos of beautiful Queensland Mangoes or if they choose "Orange" you'd like to email them the recipe of your award winning Orange Crush drink.

Using dynamic content blocks you can automate this functionality really easily.

Now let's take a look at the process of setting up a dynamic content block

Setting up dynamic content blocks

Dynamic content blocks use filters to figure out what content to insert at which point inside an email and when which criteria is met.

Any field that you have activated in your mailing list (including custom fields) can be used as a filter. You can use more than one filter to get a tighter match and personalize your campaigns even further. (E.g. Fruit = Mango and Gender = Female)

The actual content block can have any compatible HTML chunk including images, words and CSS styling. At the time of sending the email, the HTML chunk is inserted as is so if you have any formatting enclosed inside the HTML chunk, it will be maintained.

To setup a dynamic content block, go the Assets Tab

  • Click on the "Add Dynamic Content Block" button
  • Give your dynamic block a name. Its this name that will be used as an identifier for when the content block is inserted inside the email body.
  • Define the conditions
  • Use the condition drop down menu box to choose the match criteria
  • Provide the HTML content
  • You can either use the “Load from URL feature to pull HTML content directly from an external web page or
  • Use the HTML editor window to write your own content in WYSIWYG(What you see is what you get) mode.
  • Use the Personalization icon to access the “Smart Tags” drop down box and personalize the HTML content
  • Click “Save”

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