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Managing your image assets

Getting to the Assets Tab

The assets tab is where Maxmail stores all your images, RSS feeds, watcher pages, dynamic content blocks, landing pages and many other important bits that you will need through your email marketing campaigns.

You can access it by going to the Assets tab in the top navigation bar.

Upload Images and Create Folders

Every time you upload an image for use inside an email campaign, it gets stored in the Image Gallery which is visible inside the Assets section.

You can

  1. Create new folders
  2. Upload new images

Right click on an image to

  • rename the image
  • move it to a different folder
  • delete it
  • share it with someone or
  • edit it using the Picnik editor (powered by Google)


1. Once an image is included in an email, if you edit it or delete it, if the email is sent, the image will appear broken.

2. Any change you make the an image (especially if you rename it) will have negative impact on the image being rendered properly inside the email.

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