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RSS Feeds

Setting up a new RSS feed

Using RSS feeds inside Maxmail is a great way to run RSS to email campaigns and send out blog updates to your subscriber base. Here's how easy it is to set it up in Maxmail.

  • Go to the Assets Tab
  • Click on the RSS feeds tab on the left side control panel.
  • Click the “Add RSS Feed” button on the top right corner of the page.
  • Give your feed a name (e.g. My Blog Feed)
  • Cut and paste your feed url
  • Specify the number of items to pull
  • Specify if this feed is active or inactive
  • Click on the continue button

Defining the appearance of feed content inside the email

You need to specify how the feed content appears inside the email when it’s dynamically pulled. There are a few options. You can either show the feed items as:

  • Titles only
  • Titles with date and time
  • Titles with a description
  • Titles with a description, date and time.

Inserting an RSS feed inside an email is done using the Smart Tags box in the editor interface.

  • While composing the email content under the easy drag and drop design, a toolbar will appear while a block is selected.
  • Hover over each of the buttons until you see a description that says “snippets”.
  • Navigate to Feed.
  • Here is the RSS feeds you have added already. Select the one you require. This block will now show your blog’s feed when the email has been delivered.

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