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Watcher Pages

What is a Watcher Page

Watcher pages are URLs you define that Maxmail checks for changes and based on certain pre-defined triggers, fires and email or SMS.

This is how it works:

Imagine you have a page on your website (or on your competitors' for that matter) and everytime it changes you would like to notify someone of the change.

All you have to do is specify the URL of the page you would like Maxmail to "watch" and then setup an autoresponder that fires an email or SMS to a list every time the page being watched (the watcher page) changes.

This functionality was designed for marketers in the e-commerce sector, especially those that are running group buying and daily deal websites.

Using the watcher concept you could have your "today's deals" page setup as the watcher page and as new deals are produced (inevitably changing the content), the autoresponder can fire an email to your entire subscriber list thereby automating the entire process of "upcoming deal alerts".

Setting up a watcher page

Setting up a watcher page is really easy.

  • Go to the Assets Tab
  • Click on the "Create New Watcher Page" button
  • Give it a name (e.g. My Deals Page)
  • Specify the URL
  • Click the Save button

That's it. The specified URL is now being watched for any changes.

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