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Advanced Autoresponders

Life Cycle Emails / Campaigns

Automatically set up lifecycle emails to send those that have signed up for a trial of your product. Responds checking to see how the trial is going can be sent at 7 days. Include a link to sign up, then send another after 14 days offering tips and tricks to using you product, again include a upgrade link. Then , if they still have not signed up at 20 days or the end of the trial period, send another email offering them a discounted price to s

Using Autoresponders to Tarket Market

Autoresponders provide you with a great way to target the responses or choices people make when reading your campaigns or surveys. An example. Say you have three products, apples, oranges and bananas. … yea I know very original. You send out a campaign to your database with a little teaser about apples, oranges and bananas. After each teaser add a link to your orders page for each of the products.
Now the clever bit ! Set up autoresponders to respond to the clicks so that if someone clicks on the apples link, they automatically recieve a discount offer on 2 bags of apples or a discount on a apple recipe book that you stock. You can also set up autoresponders for the oranges link and bananas link.

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