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Setting up a welcome email

Setting up a subscription autoresponder

Maxmail uses email and SMS autoresponders to automate marketing communication based on user interaction and event driven triggers.

Subscription autoresponders are used for automating a welcome message to anyone that opts into a mailing list either via an API call, a subscription form on your website or when you manually add someone onto the mailing list.

Before you can setup a subscription autoresponder, you need to have:

  • A mailing list that will be used to save these subscriptions
  • A response email that will be sent as the welcome message OR
  • A response SMS that will be sent as the welcome message
If you don't have a mailing list, create one now by following the steps defined here.

Setup an autoresponder email

An autoresponder email is not much different to a normal email that you create from within the Email section of Maxmail.

In fact, the process of creating an autoresponder email is exactly the same as that of creating an email.

To create an email, follow the steps defined in the "how to create an email" section.

Setting up the subscription autoresponder trigger

Once you have the list and the responder email, you are then ready to setup an autoresponder.

  1. Click on the AUTOMATION tab
  2. Click on the "Create autoresponder" button on the left
  3. Give your autoresponder a name (e.g my first subscription autoresponder)
  4. From the drop down list of "available triggers" choose "Subscribes"
  5. From the list of available mailing lists, select the list you wish to use for this autoresponder
  6. If you wish to apply filters for selective automation of responder emails, then check the "and matches the following" checkbox
    1. Use the "Match type" drop down box to define whether "ALL" or "ANY" of your defined conditions need to be met before the autoresponder is fired.
    2. Use the "plus" icon next to the fields to add additional filters until you've got the desired filterset defined.
  7. Pick the responder email you defined earlier from the list of emails in the "based on" section
  8. Lastly define the time interval this autoresponder is triggered.
  9. Click on the "Create Autoresponder" button to complete the process.

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