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Engagement Score Explained

Maxmail offers an unique way of understanding how well your target audience engages with your campaigns, which has a direct impact on the results you get.

A number of factors are considered when calculating the engagement score of an email marketing campaign.

Besides the usual open rates, click through rates, opt outs and bounces, we also consider whether or not your campaign recipients are clicking on the social media links, forwarding your email to their networks or watching any of your embedded videos.

These give us a quantifiable measure to calculate how much your target audience engages with you.

Other factors measured include things such as:

  • How long did it take before your recipients started opening the emails.
  • What was the click through rate in the first, second and third hours of the campaign delivery timeline.
  • Were there any recipients that clicked on a link in your email but did not download the images (which technically does not trigger an open). If yes, how many and why?
Now of course the engagement score we come up with is not the be all and end all in terms of determining the success of your campaign.
Ultimately the success of a campaign depends on how you define success. For example: does success for you mean:
  • An online sale
  • A signup
  • An opt in
  • Or perhaps 0 opt outs

Either way, the engagement score is to be viewed as a guide giving you some quantifiable way of recognizing and understanding how your recipients respond to your campaigns.

The score is calculated across various metrics and ultimately represented as a percentage score on a 100 point scale.

So, a campaign with engagement score of 13 is heaps worse off than a campaign with a score of (say) 26.

While the calculation isn't truly logarithmic, you can consider (for all intents and purposes) for scores to mean progressively better or worse compared to any other campaign.

So, a score of 13 Vs 26 is not just twice as bad but perhaps 4 times as worse. A score of 100 is the highest you can score for any campaign, and we're quite confident scoring 100 on this scale is not going to be easy.

Comparing Campaign Scores

Comparing campaigns in Maxmail is super easy.

Simply go to the Emails section in your account.

From the list of emails, click the checkboxes to select the campaigns you wish to compare. You can compare multiple campaigns in the same view by selecting multiple campaigns using the checkbox beside email email.

Once you have checked 2 or more campaign, on the left side of the screen, you will see the orange "Compare Selected" button.

Click on the Compare Selected button to see the campaign results, side by side.

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