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General Questions

Using folders

Organizing your campaigns in folders

In Maxmail you can organize all your emails and SMS messages into folders. When you sign up, you will inherit some predefined folders but you are also able to create unlimited personalized folders.

To create a new folder simply click on the + icon next to the "Personalized Folders" menu on the left.

You can click on the pencil icon to edit a previously created personalized folder.

Color coding folders

When creating a personalized folder you can assign a color to it making it easier for you to visually recognize which email belongs to which folder. This also helps making visual distinction between emails while in "show all emails" view.

Move Emails between folders

In Maxmail 4 you are able to move emails from one folder to another, either one by one or in bulk.

Simply click on the checkboxes next to each email to select the emails you would like to move.

Once you do that, you will see the "move selected emails" button appear at the top.

Click on the "move selected emails" button to view the folders you can move the selected emails to.

Simply click on the "move" button after that to complete the move.

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