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List Management

Move data between lists

Moving contacts between Lists

Maxmail 4 gives the user great power when it comes to List Management. Maxmail 4 allows the user to move or copy contacts that match one of the following criteria from one list to another.

  • are marked as clean
  • are marked as dirty or bounced
  • are active subscribers
  • have opened any emails
  • have clicked links in any emails

To move or copy data from one list to another.

  1. Go to the ‘Manage Subscribers’ tab
  2. Click “view actions” next to the list that you wish to move subscribers from
  3. Click the “Move Subscribers” button
  4. From the first drop-down box , select whether you want to either move or copy subscribers
  5. From the second drop-down box, select whether you want to create a new list and define the list name in the text box next to it. Alternatively you can select a list that you have already created and select that.
  6. Use the filters in order to narrow down a sub-set of a list that you wish to move/copy subscribers to another list. Click “Filter” when you have set the relevant filters.
  7. After the “Filter” button has been pressed, a red “Add SELECTED recipients” and blue “Add ALL recipients” button will appear. Click either button (whichever is relevant) and whatever action you had defined previously, will take place.

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