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One of the greatest challenges for every email marketer is making sure their lists are clean and email deliverability is as high as it can be.

While every email marketing platform in the world provides advanced tools for bounce back processing, at Maxmail, we've decided to take a slightly different approach - we call it predictive bounce back handling.

This new feature can predict which email address is going to produce a bounce. This is not a simple "is this email address valid" check. We take into account every possible SMTP response code as communicated by the ISPs around the world, analyze and predict whether or not the email is going to be delivered.

The number of bounced emails in your list determines the deliverability of your campaigns. Unfortunately it also creates issues for Maxmail as a whole and this new feature is being introduced for the mutual benefit of your campaign deliverability as well as Maxmail's overall email delivery rates.

The predictive bounce back procesing engine will automatically kick in at the time of importing a list.

Once the list has been processed, you will have the option of getting rid of the dirty/bouncy/invalid email addresses.

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